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MEND stands for Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do It!

The MEND Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire children, families and adults to lead and sustain fitter, healthier and happier lives. Our focus is on changing the behaviors that cause overweight and obesity through our MEND 7-13 Program.

MEND 7-13 is one of the world's largest evidence-based healthy lifestyle programs that empowers 7-13 year olds, with the support of their families, to reach and maintain a healthy weight. It does this by helping families change unhealthy attitudes about food and activity (Mind), keep physically active on a regular basis (Exercise), learn how to choose foods that are healthy, tasty and nutritious (Nutrition), and take action to maintain a healthy lifestyle - for life (Do It!).

Research has shown that programs that combine behavior change, physical activity and nutrition with ongoing support for families are more likely to produce long-lasting health benefits. The MEND 7-13 Program has been designed by childhood obesity experts to contain all of these vital elements. MEND 7-13 meets the recommendations of the US Preventative Services Task Force for improving physical and mental health in overweight and obese children. Over 30,000 people in 5 countries have already benefitted from attending a MEND Program. MEND 7-13 is currently being run in diverse comunities across the US, in partnership with YMCAs and other community-based organizations.