Obesity prevention policymakers agree that public-private partnerships are vital to catalyze and sustain community initiatives. In the UK, MEND has successfully raised millions of dollars in grant funding, corporate sponsorship and public funding to deliver programs in local communities. In the US, MEND has received funding from the Houston Endowment, St. David’s Foundation, BlueCross BlueShield of Texas and BG Group to implement programs in Houston, Austin and Dallas; from The Rose Hills Foundation for programs in Los Angeles; and from OSI Pharmaceuticals Foundation for programs in Yonkers, New York.
Partnership has significant and meaningful benefits.
•    Make a measurable contribution to a high-profile health epidemic
•    Demonstrate corporate social responsibility
•    Align with business objectives addressing family wellness
•    Engage with local communities at grassroots level
•    Increase brand exposure through conferences, publications and co-branded materials

If you would like to partner with MEND Foundation in your state or local community, please contact: partnerships@mendfoundation.org