The MEND Foundation programs rely on high quality delivery by Leaders and staff. Training provides MEND 7-13 Program Leaders and Managers with skills and guidance that directly link to the accomplishment and success of our MEND 7-13 families.


MEND 7-13 Training Components

Program Management Training (8 hours).  The role of the MEND 7-13 Program Manager is a vital link in the delivery of the Program. The person in this role is involved in all stages of Program start-up, implementation, management and sustainability. This one day training is delivered 12 to 16 weeks prior to the Program start date and equips designated Program Managers with the necessary tools and knowledge on Program content, MEND 7-13 session Leader roles, participant recruitment, management, logistics, data collection, marketing and MEND 7-13 materials and resources.

MEND 7-13 Theory Training (16 hours).  Because weight management is a complex challenge, the key to MEND 7-13’s success is its simple, yet comprehensive multidisciplinary approach.  This two day training, delivered 4 to 6 weeks prior to Program start, prepares the designated MEND 7-13 Theory Leader for delivering the Mind (behavior), Nutrition and Do It! (empowerment) components of the MEND 7-13 program. Training attendees also experience many of the activities, games and group activities used in the MEND 7-13 program.

MEND Physical Activity Training (8 hours).  Physical activity is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. At MEND 7-13, we believe that exercising should be simple and fun.  MEND’s physical activity training, designed by SPARK and CATCH (Texas only), teaches MEND 7-13 Exercise Leaders a full range of games to help MEND 7-13 children get fitter while having fun. The training participants experience some of the MEND 7-13 games and activities, which are noncompetitive and done as a group. This training is ideally conducted 3 to 4 weeks prior to the Program start date.

Other MEND Trainings

As MEND 7-13 expands its programs and services in the US, our training menu will also grow. Future developments in training will include more MEND 7-13 Program training, Best Practice sharing, Obesity Awareness trainings, and more training to support excellence in managing and facilitating group learning.