The MEND 7-13 program includes 18 fun-filled group activity play sessions, designed to improve the child’s fitness, strength and self-esteem. In the US, MEND has partnered nationally with SPARK and in Texas with CATCH, the leading evidence-based physical activity programs in the country, to develop fun curricula that are suitable for overweight and obese children.

Moderate to vigorous physical activity are essential for long-term weight management and a healthy lifestyle. At MEND 7-13, we believe that physical activity should be simple and fun, not rigorous or boring.  Sessions start out slowly and progress over time, as the children become fitter and more comfortable being active.

MEND 7-13 offers a wide range of popular games and activities that may include kickball, partner tag and playing with a Frisbee®. No one is left out, as the games are noncompetitive, played as a group, and most importantly, fun!

The MEND 7-13 Program also encourages daily physical activity and family participation.  Families learn how to add activity to the child’s day such as walking to school an
d helping with chores, and they explore ideas for free and low-cost fun activities that the child and family can do together.