The Nutrition component of the MEND Program consists of eight stimulating sessions on healthy eating and nutrition, specially designed for children on the MEND Program. The information is aligned with US dietary guidelines while also considering the needs of overweight children. The MEND Nutrition Sessions cover a variety of topics that help families make healthy food choices and learn about MEND-Friendly foods.  There are games, activities and demonstrations to help the children learn and apply their knowledge. 

 The Nutrition Sessions cover:

  • Healthy eating and nutrition targets      
  • Refined and unrefined foods  
  • Fats and sugars
  • Label reading
  • Portion sizes
  • Shopping and cooking the MEND way
  • How to survive eating out and other tempting occasions
Image by dabfoto creative / Courtesy of the Houston Endowment
One of the highlights of the Nutrition Sessions is a supermarket tour in which children and families become detectives in search of MEND-Friendly foods. This is a fun, practical way for families to use their label reading skills and knowledge to navigate the supermarket aisles and choose healthier foods.